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Do you currently use 2FA/Multi Factor Authentication within your organisation? *

If Yes, what do you use 2FA/Multi Factor Authentication for?

Do you see your use of 2FA increasing to encompass more application/use cases?

What is your standard method(s) of authentication?

Do you offer users a choice of authentication (based on preference)?

Do you offer users a choice (based on scenario –e.g. location, device being used, timezone)?

How Is your current solution deployed?

Please select which of these options are important to you in your choice of 2FA solution?

Over the next 3 years, how likely is it that your business will increase its  use of cloud applications that users regularly access?

How important is providing a Single Sign On (SSO) experience to your users moving forward?

If you did deploy SSO, what would be the biggest reason?

How important is user security & management as part of your cybersecurity strategy?

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